Ten Questions: A Sociological Perspective by Joel M. Charon

Ten Questions: A Sociological Perspective

Book Title: Ten Questions: A Sociological Perspective

Publisher: Wadsworth Publishing

ISBN: 1111833761

Author: Joel M. Charon

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Joel M. Charon with Ten Questions: A Sociological Perspective

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This introductory text presents a unique approach to the examination of sociological principles. It draws you into the material--and encourages a deeper understanding of the discipline--by focusing on such overarching questions as "How do sociologists study society?" "How is society possible?" "Why is there misery in the world?" and "Are human beings free?" You'll learn about the philosophies of classical sociologists such as Marx, Weber, Durkheim, Mead, and Berger, and look at how the field of sociology has approached these questions over the past 150 years. You'll also consider the benefits and drawbacks of globalization, read about how individuals can affect society, and learn how the Tea Party political movement and the revolution in Egypt illustrate social conflict. As you explore sociology's compelling questions, you'll find that there are often no clear and ready answers.